Top 20 Tool Blogs 2018

    Top 20 Tool Blog Posts


    Top 20 Tool blogs for 2018 are right here for you to see. BUT wait…I couldn’t rank 20 of them. I was only able to put my stamp of approval on 8 of them. I was very surprised or I have very high standards. To be honest with you, it was tough to find tool blogs…..hummm, I might be on to something. Below you will find my opinion on the best power tool blogs out there in cyber land.

    Top 20 Tool Reviews
    Tool Guyd.  This one I would have to put at the top of the list. The name is a little weird for me, but the content makes up for it.  This website covers a lot of various tools. You will get reviews, the newest tools on the market, deals and handy guides. Website is easy to navigate and has so much information for those avid tool enthusiasts.

    Top 20 Tool Blogs
    Tools in Action. The names speaks for itself. I love all of the pictures this blog has. There are give-a-ways and how to videos for all of the DYI professionals. You can even join a tool forum to keep up on all of the latest trends.

    Top 20 Tool Blogs
    Home Construction and Improvement. This one hits right up my alley. Being a contractor myself, this blog brings a lot of value to the table. You can read articles on remodeling to the best tool for the job. Nicely laid out and very informative articles.

    Top 20 Tool Blogs
    Tool Box Buzz. You will be buzzing after you read this blog site. The logo is so “Tim the Tool Man”. Absolutely love it. This site has a lot of information and maybe too much. It is a little cluttered, but it is made up in the content of the articles. Cop a squat on top of your tool box and catch the buzz.

    Top 20 Blog Posts
    ProTool Reviews. Sweet top slider on this blog that rotates images of tools. Nice touch. A lot of other review puts this right up there at the top and there is a very good reason. Catchy eye candy at every turn to keep you engaged. Articles are informative and very well put together. You need to look at this site and take tour.

    Rank 6 Through 8

    Top 20 Tool Blog
    Workshop Addict. Could this be addictive? I know that I can get lost in this web blog site. So many articles to review it is mind blowing. This web blog lives up its name can be addictive. I would be very careful or you will have to go into a 12 step workshop-a-holic program.

    Top 20 Tool Blogs
    Home Fixated. Right off  the bat this site impressed me because all of the social media links are right up there at the top. This day in age, everything is social media driven. A lot of hands-on pictures of projects and the tools that do them. Careful, you will become fixated on this tool blog site.

    Top 20 Tool Blogs
    Real Tool Reviews. There is a gambit of tool reviews on this blog site. Ranging from wood chippers, socket sets to a Makita electric bike. You will even get reviews on tools made in Germany. Oh yes, this is the real deal in tool reviews.

    In Conclusion

    I really enjoyed reviews this blog sites. They all have their unique styles and offer a lot of value to you. Be sure and leave me any feedback and be sure and top by and visit the sites listed in our Top 20 Tool Blogs for 2018.